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Ecosystem Exploration

Get to know the Berlin ecosystem and explore the local innovation landscape.

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Master the digital transformation with our customized trainings delivered by entrepreneurs and experienced experts.

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Explore how digital trends can disrupt your business and develop a future-proof innovation strategy.

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We design training that exposes you to the latest developments and trends in the tech-world. Our programs combine traditional lectures, interactive workshops and bootcamps which are delivered by experienced entrepreneurs and experts. We cover a broad range of topics, from introduction to the startup universe to lean organizations up to technology trends.

Startup Universe

Discover the world of startups and Berlin’s vibrant ecosystem in a one day engagement. Our custom-tailored tours take you to the heart of the digital economy.

Digital Trends

From AI to Blockchain and beyond: Explore the latest technology trends that can disrupt your organization, or the world.

Startup Hackathon

Challenge your team to think and work like entrepreneurs, infusing creativity and agility.

Ecosystem Exploration

Executive Discovery

Get familiarized with the startup ecosystem, meet founders and gauge innovation-opportunities for your organization.

Executive Roundtable

Build deeper relationships with startups, investors, and leaders of your industry.

Learning Expedition

Inspire and motivate your team to become more agile, fast, and open for collaboration.


Innovation Landscape

Design your innovation landscape strategy to match your organization’s DNA.


Challenge yourself and your organization by getting into a shark tank with thought leaders from the startup world.

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